Wazifa For Boyfriend Still Has His Ex-Girlfriend

Boyfriend Still Has His Ex-Girlfriend

Wazifa for boyfriend still has his ex girlfriend If due to some reason, among st a dating couple you need to force a girl out of boy’s life, then the use of following charm is quite useful and effective. For this, take a cloth which had been worn either by girl or the boy. Draw the following charm on this cloth with ink made from saffron. Write name of the girl and girl’s mother. Now burn this cloth. It will result in break-up or separation of the couple.

Save Your Boyfriend by Ex Gf

Prmi Ko Premikaa Se Alag Karney Ka Wazifa

Yadi kisi kaaranvash premi ko premika se alag karna ho to nimn prayog bahot hi asardaak aur prabhaavi hota hai. Iske liye premi yaa premika ka pehna hua koi bhi kapda lekar us par zaafraan ki syaahi se nimn naksh banaakar uske neeche uskaa aur uski maa ka naam likhkar aag mein daal dein. Dono ka sambandh-vichhed ho jaaega.

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