Islamic Dua

You Are Not Alone ! Allah’s Dua Is With You

When a person is a utter distress, he seeks the blessing of God. God is always kind towards his child. He blesses them in form of Dua. Islamic Dua means invocation.It means total surrender to God. When the person is in real need of God, he has to call out or summon to God. Allah is always there for the miserable. Blessings is referred to as profound act of worship.When a person understands his mistake, he seeks for forgiveness from Allah. By uttering Istighfar repeatedly, the person can get forgiveness from Allah.Allah can change situations.

How to worship and seek blessings from God? 

In Islamic culture, the helpless person has to be neat and clean before praying to Allah.He has to lift up his hand till his shoulder with open palms.In Quran, Islamic Dua is given by Allah when the person uses the word Allah and Muhammad repetitively while seeking blessings from Allah. Quran believes in whispering extremely intimate prayers. Among all Muslim prayers , Salat is the mandatory prayer which has to be performed 5 times a day.It is said to be the second pillar of Islamic culture.

Understanding can create bridge between two hearts.

A person might want love to blossom in the heart of another person or reconcile with another person. In such cases, he can use Islamic Dua to reciprocate his feelings.Marriage is all about fulfilling duties towards each other. Being selfless is the main aim of marriage. There are times when there is turbulence in the married life.There are times when people feel cheated. Having total devotion in Allah can relief pain . Allah helps in distress. He can never punish us. Reading astaghfaras well as Hasbunallahowanimal wakeel is the real solution. The person can get back confidence, self esteem and self respect. Islamic Dua restrains us from committing sin and makes the life worth living!