How To Do Istikhara For Marriage


Istikhara, or “to seek goodness from Allah” is a form of ‘dua’ or prayer which is performed daily and can be done along with almost every other prayer. But some people perform Istikhara while taking any vital decision of their lives. A person seeks guidance and asks Allah to guide him/her while taking any big step, to show him the right path, to enlighten him, to be his guide and the torch bearer. Sometimes it becomes difficult for an individual to judge whether the decision he is taking is right or wrong.  So he turns to Allah for help.


Marriage is one of the most important and the most beautiful decision that any person can take. It’s a beautiful bond shared between two people and definitely a very important day of their lives. But, how to do Istikhara for marriage?  This is a common difficulty faced by many people. First of all, one must be sincere in his efforts while doing Istikhara

Pleading or begging mercilessly to Allah is not the right way to perform Istikhara, then how to do Istikhara for marriage? The correct way is to ask Allah with conviction to clear one’s mind from doubt or tension and help him start a new and beautiful life by marrying a person.

Along with the normal prayer one needs to say two more Rakat prayers. An individual needs to spell out his complete problem or about the decision he/she is going to take. He/she should mention the whole thing without any kind of haste. He/she should not be in a hurry while making the prayer and be hopeful and should belief in Allah completely. Allah will definitely show that individual the right path and guide that person in his journey after marriage.

Therefore. How o do Isikhara for marriage should not be such a difficult question. If a person is true o his heart and to Allah and is able to put his words clearly and with conviction then Allah will definitely guide him and will definitely help him. These are a few ways and a few answers to the question how to do Istikhara for marriage.


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