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People from the Muslim community rely on Allah for guidance whenever they are in trouble. Istikhara is a kind of prayer done by the Muslim people when they are in want of some advice. People always turn to Allah whenever they are in need. Allah guides people to take the right decision, to walk on the right path. He is the torch bearer of the civilization. He solves the woes of all the people in need for him.


Most of the disciples and messengers of Allah used to tell their fellow disciples to make Istikhara along with Surah. These were taken from the Quran. These are small prayers made for Allah to help them take the right decision.


Before performing Istikhara one must perform ablution. It is essentially a question made in the direction of Allah to help an individual to choose between two choices. One often becomes really confused in life. He/she is not able to come to a final decision. In haste an individual can also take a wrong decision. Therefore he needs the help of Allah. Sometimes it so happens that an individual knows which one is e right choice but has to take the wrong option.

There can be many reasons behind such action. One can be in need of money for the treatment of his/her mother, daughter etc. But money earned through unfair means can never lead to success. It will bring the inevitable doom. Thus despite of being in dire situation one should perform Istikhara.  It will help him to take the right decision. Often the correct path will appear to be difficult at first. An individual may feel that he is bound to live a doomed life but following the path shown by Allah can never be wrong. Prosperity and happiness is bound to come in his/her way.


The answer of Allah is not always direct. One should look for subtle responses in the daily happenings of one’s life. It is not necessary that the answer will come in one’s dream. In some way or the other Allah will definitely answer all the questions of an individual.

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