Remove To Black Magic | Kala Jadu Ko Khatam Karna Ka Amal In Urdu

Remove To Black Magic | Kala Jadu Ko Khatam Karna Ka Amal In Urdu

The following verses of Quran are very effective and useful for Safety from Black Magic , Devils (Jinnat) Enchantments, Satanic Practices , Bad Nazar. brought you the easy and Satisfactory wazifa for the solution of these problems.

Wazifa Name:-

Ayaat e Ista’azah (آیات استعاذہ)



1. Recite and blow this Wazifa on body in Morning and evening 3, 7 , or 11 times.

2. Blow this Wazifa on drinking water and Drink /give someone to drink.

3. Recite and blow this Wazifa on pure water and Sprinkle on the walls of your house

4. If there is more trouble and problem then recite this Wazifa 40 times or 100 times.

5. Continue this Wazifa for 7, 11 or 40 days.

Wazifa For Jadu Ka Tor 


1. 3 bar, 7 bar, ya 11 bar parh kr Subah Shaam dam kren

2. Pani per dam kr k pilayen

3. Kisi brhay bartan (Basin) main pani per dam kr kay ghusal kren.

4. Pani per dam kr kay ghar ki deewaron per Chirkao bhi kren.

5. Agar preshani ziyada ho to ye wazifa 40 martaba ya 100 martaba bhi parh skty hen.

6. Ye amal 7 din ya 11 din ya 40 din tak jari rakhen.

Other Powerful Wazifas To Cure From Black Magic:-

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2. Kala Jadu Ka Tor Ki Dua 2


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