Taweez Is The Strong Force That Protects You From All Evils

Taweez is a pouch locket like structure. It is written on a paper with coloring substances. Islamic prayers and symbols are put into the amulet. Muslims usually wear Taweez to save got them from evil  other serious problems of life. It is a supernatural power safeguarding people from all kinds of obstacles.


Holy Quranic Verses Are Kept In The Pendant For Allah’s Blessings

Taweez is a spiritual healing treatment kept close to one’s body with the help of black strings. Pendant can be used for various purposes. It can be used for good health, wealth, money, fortunes, bark-ah, sexual inabilities to get back once lost love or simply for revenge. Some Talisman pendant are for divorce or separation from spouse or for new sexual life.

What Is An Amulet?

Taweez is actually a compressed power. It can restore one’s health, wealth, happiness, desire or love. Sometimes the good energy within the amulet can be used for a wrong or immoral purpose. It can be used for bringing sufferings to others. There by taking revenge against someone. It can be used for getting divorce or getting a new bed partner everyday.

How To Use Amulet?

The Quranic verses can be inscribed on a paper and kept in a bottle containing water. These are given to patient suffering from certain diseases. He is asked to drink the blessed holy water everyday for a certain period of time till complete recovery. When you use the amulet before contact to Molana Peer Sahib his tell you how to use the amulet.

It Is The Real Solution To Every Problem

When the amulets are prepared for evil purpose the prayers written on them are wrong. Such amulets can never bring good luck to anyone. The Spiritual Sufi take care of all the problems related to health, prosperity and happiness of a person. The amulets can work on everyone and even on non-Muslims. It benefits human beings.