Jinnat Ko Bhagane Ka Tarika | Wazifa For Jinnat

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Jinnat Ko Bhagane Ka Tarika | Wazifa For Jinnat

Wazifa For Jinnat If any house is haunted due to d jinn, evil spirit or demonic presence or if witch etc. haunts you at the night, then from the following verse write 4-5 charms on paper and paste them on cardboard sheets. Hang these cardboard sheets in rooms, veranda and main gate. The place where these charms will be present, demons and d jinn etc won’t be able to stay there. Some place is a blaze and is proving difficult to be put out. Write the following charm on a white paper and offer it to the fire. It is said, as a result of this act the fire dies out.


Jinn-Shaitaan Bhagaana

Wazifa For Jinnat Yadi kisi makaan mein jinn shaitaan ya aaseb ka asar ho, chudail aadi raat mein daraati ho. Nimn aayat dvaara 4-5 naksh likhkar, unhein kisi gate par alag-alag chipkaakar kamron. Aangan evam mukhya dvaar aadi par latkaa dein. Jis sthaan per ye naksh honge, vahaan shaitaan aur jinn aadi nahin thehar sakenge. Yadi kahin aag lagi ho aur bujhaane se na bujh rahi ho to nimn naksh ko safed kaagaz par likhkar aag ke hawaale kar dein. Kahaa jaata hai ki is prayog se aag shaant padh jaati hai.

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