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Wazifa is a form of prayer which an individual makes to Allah to fulfill his desires. It is a kind of prayer in which one praises Allah . The person asks Allah to help him and allow him to be a able to make proper decisions in life.


Love is a beautiful and strong feeling. There are only a very few people who experiences this lovely feeling. They are definitely very lucky ones to experience such a powerful and strong feeling. But often people are not able to marry the one he/she loves. Many problems crop up . It becomes really difficult for them to give this beautiful feeling a name.

Parents often disagree to love marriages since they are from a different generation . They struggle to accept the changing ways of the world. According them they are the best judge of their children . They are capable of taking the best decisions for them. They are definitely correct in thinking such.One does not have any control over the feeling called love. One does not even realize when and where love will happen. But people do not have to worry anymore. One should trust Allah since he has solutions to every problem. Allah will not leave anyone unhappy. One should regularly say wazifa for love marriage in urdu along with his/her regular prayers . His/her prayer will definitely not go unanswered. There is a solution to every problem. Allah will definitely guide a person and help him in his/her life.

There are many wazifa for love marriages in Urdu. A person needs to be very accurate while saying those prayers. The diction, the intonations and the pronunciation of every word of the wazifa for love marriages in Urduhas to be correct and proper.
If a person is in love then he/she should not be afraid to tell it to Allah. Allah is always there with everybody, to help him, to channel him in the right path . One can always fall back upon wazifa for love marriages in Urdu to convey his feelings to Allah.

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